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We at Fisher’s Gardens pride ourselves on our unique hanging basket combinations.  You will not find anything like these at the local discount or big box stores!  That’s the benefit of shopping at a local Independent Garden Center ~ you get individual creations for individual people from an individual store.

We also grow the giant hanging baskets for downtown Pickerington Ohio and the ones hanging down Yearling Road in Whitehall Ohio too.  In case you’re wondering, Reynoldsburg grows their own.

Hanging baskets are the mainstay of American Gardening.  We love them for their colorful bursts of wow!  They dress up our porches, patios, even under our trees.

But usually after a month or so our hanging baskets start to fade, get a little straggly, maybe aren’t blooming as much as we’d like.  What to do?  Well, you could always get another hanging basket (Fisher’s Gardens always has fresh hanging baskets) or you can follow these tips on how to keep your hanging basket looking it’s best....

1.  Water.  Water.  Water.  Did I say water?  Yes, 90% of the time the issue with hanging baskets not looking their best is because of a watering issue.  And generally it’s because of not enough water.  Think about how thirsty you get when you’re outside in the summer in Ohio and how you can down a glass of water in no time, usually refilling your glass again.  Your hanging basket needs to be watered thoroughly enough to have the water run out of the bottom of the basket.  If the water immediately and quickly runs out the bottom, wait about 10 minutes and water it thoroughly again.  Unlike the flowers in the ground your hanging basket has a small amount of leg room to get it’s moisture and the bigger the basket gets the less moisture it can hold.

2.  All that watering leads to nutrients leaching out of your hanging basket very quickly.  We recommend fertilizing your baskets and containers every 7-10 days with a Blossom Booster type of fertilizer for general blooming plants (Jack’s Blossom Booster) and a high nitrogen fertilizer for baskets with Petunias and Million Bells (Calibrachoa) (Jack’s Petunia FeED).  When your Petunias get yellow leaves they are telling you they need nitrogen!  Container gardens, whether hanging or sitting, need food to look their best.  For more info about fertilizers read more....

3.  Haircuts...not only good for our hair but good for hanging baskets....especially petunias or million bells.  Deadheading is essential, just remove the spent or ‘dead’ bloom, but after you’ve done that for several weeks usually you end up with a long stem with only one or two blooms on the very tip.  If you trim those long, leggy stems by half they will branch and set on more buds and blooms in no time, usually in just a couple of weeks.

Thank you for supporting our family owned and operated business!

Our beautiful baskets loaded up and heading for Whitehall! (pic taken in 2014)

We use Jack’s Petunia FeED and you should too if you have a lot of Petunias and Millions Bells.  Jack’s Blossom Booster is great for all flowering plants.  They are water soluble which means you add some into water to dissolve and then water your plants with the ‘blue’ water.