Complete Culinary Herb Chart


BASIL (minty, spicy, sweet) fish, tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken, potatoes, salads, stews, pesto, vinegars, rice, eggs, vegetables

BAY LAUREL soups/stews, beef

BORAGE, Flowers chicken

CHERVIL fish, salads, eggs, soups/stews

CHIVES (oniony, mild) butter, eggs, potatoes, soups/stews, beef, chicken, fish, salads (flowers too), cheese spread, sauces, garnishes, vegetables, sour cream sauces

CILANTRO (grassy with a hint of citrus) chicken, fish, rice, beans, marinades, sauces

DILL (light, fresh) biscuits/rolls, cream cheese, eggs, fish, potatoes, pork, chicken, tomatoes, pickles, stews, cucumbers, cauliflower, salads

FENNEL biscuits/rolls, salads, soups/stews, fish, eggs, tomato dishes, marinades for meats, carrots

LEMON BALM (citrusy, refreshing) cakes, fish, ice cream, salads, drinks, fruit salads, teas

LEMON VERBENA (citrusy, sweet) cakes, chicken, ice cream, marinades, salad dressings, teas, desserts

LEMONGRASS (citrusy, warm) Asian dishes, fish, seafood soups

LOVAGE eggs, fish, salads, soups/stews

MARJORAM (slightly minty and citrusy, sweet) beef, biscuits/rolls, chicken, eggs, soups/stews, tomato sauce, pork, chicken, fish, potatoes, cheeses, stuffing, butters, vegetables,

MINT (cool, sweet, and refreshing) chicken, fish, potatoes, salads, ice cream, fruit, teas, desserts, jellies, cocktails, garnishes, lemonade, scallops, sauces, lamb

OREGANO (balsamic, peppery, and assertive) beef, biscuits/rolls, chicken, eggs, soups/stews, tomatoes, tomato sauce, pork, chicken, potatoes, cheeses, salads, sauces, vegetables, pizza, barbecue sauce, salad dressings

PARSLEY, Italian Flat Leaf (grassy, fresh) fish, potatoes, rice, salads, soups/stews, tomato sauce, chicken, eggs, butters, garnishes, pestos, sandwiches, vegetables, beef

ROSEMARY (piney, fresh, and strong) beef, chicken, fish, tofu, tomatoes, tomato sauce, pork, eggs, soups/chowders, breads, marinades, vegetables, lamb

SAGE (woodsy, faintly bitter) biscuits/rolls, chicken, tofu, beef, pork, fish, salads, soups/stews, stuffing, cheeses


TARRAGON, French (hint of licorice; strong and a bit bitter) butter, chicken, eggs, fish, tomatoes, salads, cheeses, sauces, vinegars, yogurt & sour cream dishes, asparagus, beans, cucumbers

THYME (hint of lemon and mint; warm and pungent) beans, biscuits/rolls, fish, chicken, soups, clam chowder, stuffing, casseroles, cheeses, salads, sauces, vegetables, tea, eggs, broccoli, lima beans

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