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Not all Mums are created equal.  However the Mums you find at Fisher’s Gardens are all hardy mums meant for your Ohio garden.   Most are Belgian Mums which are a newer variety that you don’t need to pinch every year.  Still we carry some of the tried and true old fashioned mums that we like so well.  Not sure what you’re getting?  Just ask!  We’ll be happy to help you.

    A few general tips on caring for your Mums . . .

  1. 1. Water them.  I know that sounds obvious but unless we get a lot of rain they will need to be checked for watering at least every other day.  More often if they are in containers on your porch.

  1. 2.Cut off the dead blooms.  Unlike most perennials mums will NOT re-bloom once you dead head them.  However they will look better if you get rid of the brown, spent blooms.

  1. 3.If you’re planting them in your garden give them plenty of room to spread.  Most mums will spread about two feet around over many years.

  1. 4.After your mums have completely quit blooming you can cut them down to about 5 inches.

  1. 5.Mulch heavily over the winter to ensure their successful return next year.   It’s best to plant mums where they are protected from the harsh winter winds.

  1. 6.For the old fashioned mums ~ pinch the buds off until July 4 to ensure you will have fall color.