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    Use a potting soil that drains exceptionally well. Mix 1 part commercial potting soil (such as Fisher’s Potting Soil) with 2 parts coarse sand or small gravel.  Check soil moisture every two to three weeks; water when the top inch of soil feels dry.


    Irrigate more frequently during the summer growth period, less during winter dormancy.  Water plants that are in full sun and/or clay pots more often than those in filtered light and/or plastic pots.


    Provide at least four hours of bright direct light daily.  Move plants outside during the summer growing season.  (Prevent sunburn by gradually increasing the amount of light over several days.)


    provide cool conditions (temperatures between 40 degrees F and 60 degrees F) during winter to enhance spring growth and flowering.  In fall, bring plants indoors when overnight temperatures drop below 40 degrees F.


    Allow plants to become somewhat pot-bound.  Repot in spring, as soon as growth begins, in containers just an inch larger in diameter than the previous ones.


   Fertilize several times a year, during active growth, with a liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength.