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Thank you for stopping by your local Independent Garden Center. We have been family owned & operated for over 40 years, providing quality products and customer service to the communities of East Columbus.

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Tuesday – Friday : 10am to 4pm

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1540 Truro Ave. Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

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Hi there. We’re Dan & Kiki, the new owners!

We’re happy you’re here, and we’re so proud to carry on the name of Fisher’s in our community.

We are locals, born and raised and graduated from Reynoldsburg High School. We’ve been long-time customers of Fisher’s, and we value its role in our community. When we found out the previous owners were retiring, we knew we needed to preserve Fisher’s.

We believe that simply being around plants is good for the soul and that there’s power in simple, natural living. So we aim to provide everything you need to obtain that kind of life and surround yourself with beauty.

We know gardening can feel complicated. Not to worry. Our experienced staff will help steer you in the right direction and answer just about any question you throw our way. Whether you need guidance on the right fertilizer or soil to choose, or directions on when and where to plant, we’re here to guide you in making your garden an oasis you can be proud of.

While ownership has changed, you can rely on the same small-town atmosphere for a perfect Sunday afternoon stroll and all of the same quality products and customer service. Come say hi! We’d love to meet you.

Choose Fisher’s Gardens if you…

Want a vast selection to choose from.

We carry a wide range of products- from your basic annuals to the more rare ghost pepper. We want our customers to have options, because like people, no two gardens will be the same.

Want quality products, meant to thrive.

If you understand that your garden’s results are directly tied to the quality of plants you buy, we’re the right shop for you. We focus on quality plants because we believe in producing quality gardens.

Need expert guidance and advice.

Our team members are passionate about plants. They are here to steer you in the right direction and answer any questions you throw their way.

Want to feel at home.

We pride ourselves on the small-town atmosphere of our garden center, because we know there is just nothing as sweet as coming home and feeling a part of something. The small-town atmosphere of our shop is a customer-favorite.

The History of Fisher’s

The Garden Center that’s Spanned Generations

We’re so proud to continue on the legacy of the family-owned and operated garden center: Fisher’s Gardens. Though the family has changed, values and ideals remain. We believe the history of Fisher’s is so valuable for customers to know about, because it shows the long-standing presence in our community and the heart behind the operation. We’re also so thankful for the work that went into starting this business, and we feel blessed to now be a part of its history.



Where It All Began

The Fisher family has been in the gardening business for over 70 years because of their love for and talent in gardening. Raymond Sr. and his wife, Marie started out as vegetable farmers, growing fresh produce to take to market and sell to grocery stores. In 1947, they built their first greenhouse in southern Franklin County, where word quickly caught on to locals about the quality of their vegetables and plants.



The Second Generation 

In the 1960’s, Raymond Fisher Jr., (Raymond and Marie’s oldest son, pictured above) and his wife, Grace took over the business. They found that there was more interest in selling vegetable plants than the actual vegetable, so they decided on a new focus for the business and began growing young annual and vegetable plants.



The First Retail Greenhouse


By 1980, the first retail greenhouse opened to the public, along with the 20 production greenhouses to supply it.



The Second Retail Greenhouse


By 1989, they opened their second retail store. This location is now the sole remaining retail greenhouse.



The Third Generation

In 2002, the third generation of Fisher’s took over the garden center. Bee Fisher Kocher, and her husband Brian, bought the business from her sister Deb, and ran the garden center while raising two sons. Bee and Brian owned Fisher’s during one of the hardest economic times for small businesses, but they weathered the storm and the business continued to thrive. 



New Family Ownership 

In 2020, Bee and Brian decided they were ready to retire. When Dan and I saw Fisher’s was listed for sale, we knew we were going on our next adventure as a family. We’ve loved Fisher’s for a long time. We’ve been customers for years and couldn’t imagine this garden center not being here. We wanted to preserve this business and its impactful presence in our community. It’s a dream come true to be able to do so.